A Little Progress

Had been struggling with the focuser slipping on the Equinox with the heavy ATIK 383 on it and decided I really wanted a stepper motor for the focuser so splashed the cash again and am now the proud owner of a motorised moonlight focuser.  This is a wonderfully engineered piece of equipment and worth every penny (quick tip – if you import it direct from the USA as I did then it costs less).  So finally there was a brief break in the bad weather and it allowed me to get some imaging done with the new kit.  the first target was Messier 35 and its close neighbour NGC 2158.  I started with a globular as that is where I started out back when I took my first images – allows me to ensure I am getting the hang of focusing.  Was impatient and decided to have a play with the data before I had taken any RGB darks or any flats/bias.


Need to look into sorting the calibration frames next – but It’s a pain while I don’t have the observatory.  Think I need to pull my finger out and dig the foundations so that this all becomes much easier.